Established in 2009, I was working for an IT firm as an account manager for the last couple of years. I liked what I did, but it became boring and didn’t challenge me on a daily basis. 

So, I would day dream about starting my own company one day. I worked as a window cleaner when I was younger and thought back to that job often, it was challenging daily because every job was different. I met really cool people both at work and when I would go out on jobs, the homeowners and managers of retail shops, mom and pop locations as well.
I realized that I missed window cleaning and the challenges I would face but most of all, the customers, seeing their face once all their windows were cleaned, priceless. Especially for homeowners.
I thought “Why don’t I start a window cleaning company!?” I did my research like any good geek and after a while I said to myself, “why not, let’s do this!”
This proved to be more challenging than I thought. Starting a business was expensive, time consuming and a struggle to get customers. I wasn’t a marketing major or a business major, I sat in front of a computer all day! Regardless, this is what I wanted to do and I was determined. So I read books and books and more books, all on business, marketing and sales.
Now after all this time, Geek Window Cleaning is number one in Houston and we recently opened a new location in Austin! I have some great employees and great customers. I still like getting out there and cleaning windows from time to time but it’s still hard to run a successful business, let alone 2 locations. Guess it’s time for more books!
I know that if you choose to have your windows cleaned by us you won’t be let down. I look forward to cleaning your windows and seeing your face when were done. If I’m not personally there though please let me know how were doing. If you’re not 100% satisfied we will fix it or you won’t pay. 
P.S. The company name is because I am a big geek. Pretty much anything Sci-fi and I wanted my company name to reflect the type of person I am.

Kyle Ray 
Founder - Geek Window Cleaning

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